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Ahhh... you would like to see the pretty little sloop, HMS PRECIOUS

She is a fine, fine specimen. Designed by Atkin, built by Parker Machine and Boat Works, formerly of Haverhill, MA. Mr. Atkin's design was called the "Pocahontas", I believe. We call her the HMS PRECIOUS. She's 12' on deck, 16' overall, beamy and stable.

She is turner of heads, all right. Lap-strake, cedar on oak, copper rivets, all custom made stainless hardware, and varnished brightwork. I can let you have her for a song, just to get her sailing again.

Alas, as she has been in storage for over fifteen years, and she would like to be fixed up pretty and dance in the harbors. She is gaff rigged, has lee boards, and her jib is set flying from the sprit. She's fitted with four sails, I think: Main, Jib, Genoa and Storm Trisail. Standing rigging is traditional deadeye and lanyard. For you, I'll throw in the trailer she is on.

Looking for something a little smaller? How about a fine utility grade Dory.

Or maybe a cruiser? A small ship for the bay might just what you need. I can show you The Princess Anne, a miniature passagemaker with accomodations for 4 in 2 cabins.

When you're through looking, follow me back to Brazzaville.