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Awesome Adventures of Animal Anne
Dispatches from the Frontier

Episodes roughly arranged by their posting date, from early to recent:

The Next Episode - Another solution to 'What to do on an un-booked Friday?' (Cont.): This one is a mild mini-adventure - quick and without excitement (except maybe the interstate). Nevertheless, it's included in these chronicles, perhaps as a seasoning in foreign culture.

It was a dark and stormy night (It was!), and a dilemma presented itself to our heroine and a Trusty Sidekick. What to do, what to do. Incredibly, Friday found Anne, belle of the campus, scholar of as-yet undetermined prowess and unofficial mascot of numerous organizations, including the mysterious Sigmachi tribe and an underground organization named after an eastern Asian tree, with neither a scheduled event nor a date over which to preside. What to do, what to do.

You start by doing what every college kid does, you go out for a toot in the flivver. What to do, what to do. We could go by... "Huh-uh." There's always.... "Nah." How about... "Are you kidding? Us?" What to do, what to do. None of the campus socials drew them, even the unsanctioned ones. No 'townie' attraction- since these ladies wear more clothes than makeup, an entire section of recreational culture is effectively unavailable to them. What to do, what to do.

Something will come up. And sure enough, up it did come, in the form of "Let's go to South Carolina. It's only a state away, my boyfriend is playing at Clemson, and we don't have to be anywhere until work on Sunday", from Trusty Sidekick. Said boyfriend has a band, fairly new, usually based in Fairfax, VA when not doing small concerts or cutting their latest CD. This weekend they had been engaged to play at a party Friday night and at halftime of the Tigers' football game on Saturday.

What to do? Why, go to Clemson, of course: Road trip! That'd be so cool. What a surprise! Won't they be delighted to have their own groupies! I think it's on the water.

Braving the rain, our intrepid friends hung a right onto the interstate on-ramp and arrived in Clemson, NC (motto: It's not nearly as far as Ft. Lauderdale) only slightly after midnight. Party on.... left to the imagination of the reader.

By all accounts, the band was delighted to see them and decorous to a fault (as bands are apt to be). They graciously squired the ladies about. They protected them from harm (one festivity was notable for its sponsors being somewhat cool toward Anne because she was clad in Sigmachi garb, they evidently being in some sort of tribal competition with same). They showed them the sights (streetlights?), and rented them a room for themselves.

Dawns the day of the game, and it turns out it's going to be the night of the game. Game-time - 6:00PM. But wait, the tailgate party starts at noon. Time to shine. The new girls in town will get noticed. They can strut their stuff, show the locals how it's done, stand tall for class and clan. Um, except that some part of the extensive planning failed to uncover a minor detail. It is the practice at Clemson to dress up for football games. UP!

How lame are jeans and T-shirts among the coat-tie-dress-heels-coiffeur set? They got noticed. To Trusty Sidekick, "You from town?" To Animal Anne, "Nice hair." They traded strut for sit over there and stand tall for "Hi, we're not from around here.", had a great time and just before kick-off left furrowed brows and a bemused band to make their retreat through more rain to their permanent digs.

A thirty-six hour Friday night, "...better than nothin'; anything doin' this Friday?" "Dunno, but next groupie gig, I'm gonna have a dress and heels at the ready."

Stay tuned...